The Lab, a Chemovil Group company, provide inspection, monitoring, auditing, consulting and testing services in various areas – Environmental, Workplace Safety & Health, Fuel & Oils and Indoor Air Quality. For over six decades, The Lab serves as an example for traditional excellence, along with innovative approach and uncompromising service level.

The Lab, established in 1949 by the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, specialized over the years in fuel, oil and gas testing and became Israel's leader in that segment. In recent years, The Lab kept evolving, leveraging its tradition of excellence and non-stop investment in knowledge and equipment, in order penetrate new territories. Today we offer wide range of services as part our one-stop-shop approach, combing the expertise required to provide inspection, monitoring, auditing and consulting along with our in-house accredited analytical laboratory capabilities.

We are the market leaders for occupational compliance auditing and testing, with a team of certified, highly experienced inspectors. Furthermore, we provide various environmental services such as air quality monitoring, soil contamination sampling and testing, hazardous noise monitoring, stack emission monitoring and testing and more.

> The Lab annually participates in comparative tests for fuel as well as air, soil and water testing.