For over six decades, The Lab specialized working with various types of fuels and oils. We are fully accredited and well equipped to perform vast array of tests to determine purity, authenticity and compliance to national and international standards.

The Lab, first established in 1949 as Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) official fuel and oils lab, served as Israel's operational arm in regards to all tests related to petroleum. Since then, the lab is considered the main source of knowledge for different types of tests for – Benzene, Diesel, jet fuel, Mazut, marine fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricants, engine oil, transformer oil, brakes fluid, bio-diesel, Methanol and many more. All tests performed in-house, under ISO 17025.

Gas Stations Sampling

Israeli Fuel Law

The law obliges each gas station owner with a set of frequent tests, performed in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The set of tests should include the following parameters – diesel sulfur content, benzene octane test. With a professional team of inspectors, we sample hundreds of gas stations throughout Israel and testing in accordance with the regulator strict demands.

LPG Sampling


Our certified team, sample automotive LPG at gas stations, to perform compliance test on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure. We test the compound, octane, steam pressure and mercaptan content.

LPG Performance Test

We certified to sample heating LPG and perform performance test – steam pressure density and more.

Generator Diesel Sampling

Emergency diesel operated generators should be tested on an annually basis. The Lab performs different analysis to examine the efficiency of the diesel, in accordance with the ministry of health and ministry of infrastructure protocols.

Fuel Fakes and Dilution

Fuel fakes and dilution could cause irreversible severe damage to engines. We have a vast experience diagnosing fuel authenticity, including the nature of the impurity. We provide high service level and the ability respond quickly and efficiently when it comes to crisis management.