Expertise and innovative approach enabling us to offer wide range of environmental services – for over six decades, The Lab provides one-stop-shop solutions for air, water and soil testing and monitoring.

During the years, The Lab acquired the expertise needed to handle environment responsibly. Today, we offer fully certified auditing and monitoring services, backed up by in-house accredited laboratory capabilities – air pollution and toxins monitoring and analysis, soil pollution testing, Asbestos screening, odor investigations, LDAR – VOCs leakage detection, stack emission monitoring and testing etc.


level. There is a vast range of air polluter and toxins we detects –dust, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), metals, oils, acids, anesthetics, Asbestos, Silica etc. Non-stop investment in knowledge as well as cutting-edge machinery is what makes us highly active supplier for top manufacturers, municipalities, industrial areas, schools and academic campuses, hospitals and clinics and many more. All tests performed in-house, under ISO 17025.


Our experts have the tools to provide accurate analysis of soil contamination.

Preliminary Historical Survey

This is the initial stage when investigating soil contamination. During this stage, our inspectors will learn about the historical uses of the land (agricultural, industrial, gas station etc.). Performing this extensive survey will enable us to determine the potential risk areas that has to be focused when collecting samples.

Soil Sampling

Array of samples will be taken from the potential contaminated areas, while analysis will be performed according to the possible toxins mentioned in the historical survey. Both our inspectors and laboratory are certified with accordance to ISO 17025.

Water & Wastewater

We are certified with accordance to ISO 17025 to sample and test water and wastewater. We have the abilities to analyze – drinking water, industrial wastewater, effluence wastewater, sewage wastewater, brine waste, dialysis water, sanitary wastewater etc.


Odor Nuisance could be of many sources – swage flow, garbage dump, water stagnation, industrial area, catering and restaurant area, animal carcass and more. Bad odor could imply a sanitary hazard, which could directly affect public health. The odor source cannot always be located, therefore we will perform a chemical analysis, to scan and lookout for presence of foreign substances from a wide range of 350,000 materials, using GCMS. We will than match the substance to possible source, and suggest possible ways to eliminate it accordingly.

  • RF Radiation Sources: cellular antennas, Wi-Fi access points, wireless communication systems etc.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Sources: electricity grid proximity, electricity closets, transformers rooms, production lines, electric motors etc.

The Lab performs various radiation tests under permit form the ministry of environmental services in factories, schools, private homes, construction areas, municipal and public areas and even small service counters. We use advanced and proper equipment and certified international standards as ICNIRP. We will find the radiation source and help minimize or totally prevent its effects.


All types of asbestos fibers are known to cause serious health hazards in humans. Exposure to asbestos in the form of fibers is always considered dangerous. Working with, or exposure to, material that is friable, or materials or works that could cause release of loose asbestos fibers, is considered high risk.

The Lab holds the permit to provide sampling services of Asbestos from the ministry of economy, and in accordance to the Technical Committee for Hazardous Dust approved methods – RTM1 and RTM2.

Stack Emission
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