The Lab specializes in wide range of monitoring and testing to ensure compliance with the workplace occupational health and safety regulations and standards. We are highly active in the occupational compliance sector, holding the largest most professional team, providing our services to the leading organizations throughout Israel.

Since 1993, The Lab providing full occupational compliance services under accreditation and recognition of Israel's regulation bodies – Ministry of Economy and the Israeli Laboratory Accreditation Authority. All of our tests performed in-house, under ISO 17025.

The service includes preliminary survey on-site, to evaluate and map occupational risks in certain CCPs. The survey performed under the regulator demand. According to the survey report, our experts will monitor the relevant aspects and parameters. After monitoring, we will provide a full report including corrective actions to minimize the exposure to hazardous processes and materials.

Consecutive relationship with regulation and years of expertise is what makes us the trust partner for Israel's leading brands and organizations.

Preliminary Survey

Preliminary survey is essential when mapping and evaluating the occupational risks at a workplace. Each process that interface employees will be examine to its hazardous potential.

Israel's regulator obliges the execution of the survey by an authorized auditor. Our team is fully qualified and equipped to perform the full process – from survey, to monitoring on-site and finally, testing at our dedicated certified laboratory.    

Occupational Monitoring & Testing

According to the survey results, a specific monitoring and testing plan will be executed. Our trained and certified auditors, using state of the art equipment, will follow the preliminary survey highlighted CCPs to monitor and collect real-time data of specific parameters – air pollution and toxics, Asbestos presence, electromagnetic radiation, UV radiation, hazardous noise, climatic condition etc.

Hazardous Noise Exposure

Prolong exposure to noise over 85db considered to be hazardous, and increase the likelihood of health issues, such as hearing loss, high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, sleep disturbances and more.

The Lab equipped with dedicated dosimeters to monitor the exposure to hazardous noise in industrial areas, manufacturing plants, indoor and outdoor public institutions. Among the parameters we monitor –

  • level of noise
  • personal exposure
  • personal dosimetry tests
Fume Hoods and Suction Systems Efficiency Tests

Fume hoods and suction systems meant to capture and remove unwanted chemical and biological toxins. A proper functioning and efficiency of those is crucial, and should be measured regularly for suction force, filtering capabilities and its competence to handle the removal of the air polluters.

Regulations determine an annual frequency for those tests. Our experts highly recommend performing it on a half-year basis.

Workplace Radiation Monitoring
  • RF Radiation Sources: cellular antennas, Wi-Fi access points, wireless communication systems etc.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Sources: electricity grid proximity, electricity closets, transformers rooms, production lines, electric motors etc.

The Lab performs various radiation tests under permit form the ministry of environmental services in factories, schools, private homes, construction areas, municipal and public areas and even small service counters. We use advanced and proper equipment and certified international standards as ICNIRP. We will find the radiation source and help minimize or totally prevent its effects.

Anesthetics Exposure Monitoring

Anesthetics being in common use in surgery room, dental care and medical centers. Being odorless, invisible and highly volatile, could lead to an un-aware exposure, risking the ones in contact with it. Institutions using anesthetics should be monitored regularly for air quality.

The Lab uses dedicated equipment in order to monitor and detect deviation of anesthetics levels in the air, as well as recommends preventive steps required in order to eliminate it.